Chinese Wedding in Malaysia

Published: 05th May 2009
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Chinese Traditional Wedding in Malaysia has been modernized according to time. It has been a lot of tone down compared to the customs and rituals back then. In order to simplified the common items that Chinese still practicing in Malaysia, I have listed as below:

1. Wedding Date or the Auspicious Date selection.

This is the very first step that need to do. Auspicious date has to be pluck first by submitting the dates of birth of both groom's and bride's to see with date according to the Chinese Almanac that is best suite for them to get married on. This is belief will bring them good luck and fortunes and even prosperity.

2. Betrothal Gifts or Ceremony.

This will be the second step for the groom to bring his parents to the bride's home to meet their parents to have a verbally agreement or to settle the marriage usually by offering what we called the "grand money" as a token for the bride's parent for letting their daughter to marry the groom. The groom should also prepare some gifts according the the Chinese Traditional customs and rituals.

3. Returned Gifts.

The Bride shall then returned the gifts brought by the groom usually in half the quantity. This will also includes some accessories which they will follow the customs also.

4. Bride's Dowry.

Consist the most accessories for the bride to prepare according the the Chinese Wedding customs and rituals. And this is where the bride will usually spend the "grand money" that the groom gave as mentioned above. Actually, this is the part that the bride's parents to buy whatever necessary things for the bride for getting married in Chinese Traditional Wedding.

5. Hair Dressing ceremony.

A day before the Wedding Day, the groom and the bride should do their hair dressing ceremony. They will have to change to new clothing or pajamas and start to have somebody to help them to comb their hair just like what the customs and rituals mentioned about.

The above are the most common customs and rituals that the Chinese in Malaysia are still preserving until nowadays.

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